Bulgarian cow sentenced to death for leaving EU

Officials in Bulgaria have sentenced a cow to death after it wandered over the border into Serbia. The Bulgarian officials say that the cow cannot re-enter the European Union without the correct paperwork, and have ordered that the animal be shot.

Man starts house fire to force roommate to move out

A 52-year-old Portland man has been jailed after he set the kitchen in his home alight in a bid to force his roommate to move out. Police say James Griffin started the fire after an argument with his roommate, resulting in minor damage to a kitchen table, cabinet and the floor.

Couple steals television then pawns it at same shop

Police are hunting for a New Orleans couple who took a television from a pawn shop and then sold it back to the same store. Security footage shows a woman removing the shop’s pricing stickers, before a man takes it to the front counter and pawns it for $175.

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